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About Us

About Us

"Actions based on ethics, Decisions based on integrity, Are the principle to rise and shine.”

‘Torch bearers’ is an Ideal term to define us.
We are ‘the nurturer’ by nature; this is our answer to the question by many, “why torch bearers?”

Being a nurturer is a boon to attain satisfaction; affection and happiness that one achieves by nurturing and watching others grow. What more can one asks for if such noble practice can provide a livelihood too…

Our journey began by empowering individuals with suitable job profile with promising career opportunities in esteemed organizations of Middle East countries.

During the process we realized the ‘gap’ which was the criteria given by the employers and one of the major reasons for most of the rejections in spite of having strong technical skills / hard skills. Hard Skills will help to get an interview however, soft skills help to get the job and sustain with progress.

With our enriched experience of a decade enables us to derive appropriate analysis of what an industry needs while recruiting employees for their organizations. Therefore, we are well equipped to train and develop the soft skills of those individual who approaches us.

Career change was another challenge faced by many of our candidates that came across us. There can be a plethora of reason for not having a satisfied career like
* Personal and Financial issues
* Guardian interference
* Gone with the flow
* Inadequate Information etc…

BOUNTEOUS ERUDITE CONSULTANTT is a one roof initiative to overcome all these challenges and to assist such Individuals. BEC has a team of highly skilled professional trainers delivering proficient training in an affable work habitat, focusing on the individuals that need to enable them to excel in the challenging professional environment. Our team never leaves any page unturned in the book of career and success.

Versatile instructor - led training class rooms through tailored courses with smaller class sizes at BEC. It facilitates people to interact more conveniently and acquire knowledge, there by generating outstanding results for both themselves and the organization they work for. Our training programs are flexible and customized to make sure that every individual gains the maximum out of the training as well as career counselling.

Lead with Integrity,
Follow with Curiosity,
SERVE with Generosity,
Be with Humility,
Love with Humanity,

We truly believe and follow the above quote by Rob Kish.

As our passion turned profession is a boon for us to witness many lives transform and achieve success in their respective endeavor to rise with resolute dynamism.

We are sensitive about our client’s preferences and therefore we maintain the highest level of confidentiality about our clients and their pricing packages as every individual are different and so are their needs and this is the reason that we provide tailored kit as per the requirement of our candidate with the best possible solution and actionable goal.

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